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Touchscreen self check-in kiosks are the future of welcoming people into your organisation. Our range of cloud-hosted check-in solutions are used in a variety of settings such as medical clinics, rest homes and private organisations.

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Self check-in kiosk: Our Technology


Our stand-alone solution keeps your facility safe by speeding up visitor and/or staff check-in and capturing mandatory information for tracking purposes. Features include:

  • QR code scanning for fast check-in

  • Vaccine pass scanning and capture

  • Customised screening questions to ensure visitor is safe to enter 

  • Optional integrated thermal scanner to record temperature 

  • Alerts to staff of "at risk" visitors 

The stand-alone self check-in solution is packaged with our visitor and staff monitoring back-end dashboard to provide you with all the tools to effectively manage and track everyone onsite at any time.

Self check-in kiosk: Welcome


Our check-in solution will immediately enhance your patient workflow, especially when integrated with your patient management system (PMS). Perfect to use in general practice, specialist, allied health and hospital clinics. Features include:

  • Appointment check-in with barcode reader, name or NHI entry

  • Seamless arrival of patient in PMS after patient checks in

  • Patient demographic changes on the kiosk seamlessly updated in PMS

  • Configurable waiting room directions

Integrated self check-in kiosk can be used in isolation or in conjunction with our patient tracking solution to provide a full end-to-end patient clinic experience.

Self check-in kiosk: Welcome


Our cloud-hosted self check-in solutions have proven to:

  • Allow quick entry and exit

  • Reduce queues and waiting time

  • Release reception staff to do more value-add tasks

  • Minimise face-to-face contact with reception staff

  • Remove all manual paper tracking processes

Self check-in kiosk: Welcome
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