Florence enhances the Patient Journey with state-of-the-art digital technologies to more efficiently engage, promote and process clinical activities.

  • Solutions can be rapidly deployed and continually upgraded with additional features
  • Cloud Based in Amazon Web Services
  • Integrated and deployed in as little as four weeks
  • Enables data sharing with other applications through an API layer e.g. PAS’s, Patient Portals or Business intelligence Platforms
  • Comprised of plug in modules that can be deployed separately and built on easily
  • Re-uses architectures and learnings from earlier engagements, including interface optimisations
  • Engages users from the start on business process change
  • Provides a unique dataset for measuring ongoing improvements


Safely serve more customers
using the easy-to-use QMe web app

QMe is an innovative, contactless digital system connecting customers to your pharmacy through a web app.

QMe enhances the customer experience by providing an unparalleled level of communication between pharmacists and customers.



A great place to start, our Florence Self Check-in Touchscreen Kiosks will immediately enhance your patient workflow. Clinics can then expand the Florence solution to include Patient Tracking and Patient Calling within the clinic.

The Self Check-in Kiosk enables the following:

  • Appointment Check-In (automated with barcode reader)
  • Integrated with your Patient Administration System (PAS)
  • Update Demographics (if needed) and arrive patient in PAS
  • Direct Patient to Waiting Room (option to include wayfinding)
  • Opportunity for additional interactive communications with patient


Florence Patient Tracking creates a configurable set of events for the patients visit. This may be simple for some clinics, or very complex for others.

The administrator or clinician will be able to do the following:

  • See the Patient / Doctor List for a particular clinic or sub-event with patient wait times
  • Enable a simple call function to request the patient to come to clinic room wherever the patient is located (they may be in the Library or the coffee area)
  • Re-order events if necessary to maximize available capacity within the clinic
  • See what is really going on in the clinic at a more granular level that can create opportunities for optimization
  • Discharge the patient or timestamp departure for accurate data collection within the PAS

In the clinic room, the patient will see shown information. This could also be rendered in the future as an alert or update to the patients mobile device.



Florence integrates online and mobile appointment scheduling with on-site patient check-in to reduce wait times and improve efficiency from the first moment of engagement.
Utilising the patient and/or clinician mobile device enables a far more dynamic experience particularly before the clinic visit.

Using geo-location data for the patient provides far richer insight into optimisation opportunities within the clinic to maximise the patients time or clinic capacity. Additional mobile capabilities provide wayfinding, notification of appointment delays or no-shows, communication of estimated wait times, service issues, important information, queue notifications and much more.

The Florence patient flow management solution has developed from three key NZ digital healthcare projects with Fingermark – Waikato DHB, Canterbury DHB and Auckland District Health Board. These engagements have provided many lessons learned and opportunities to optimise the solution and workflow.


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