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Knowing where your patient, staff or visitor is at any point in time is easy with our admin management tools and dashboard solutions.
Depending on the information gathered we can simply track the whereabouts of people or provide more comprehensive insights around the customer journey.

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Onsite management at your fingertips

Our visitor and staff monitoring dashboard is the back-end administrative tool for our stand-alone self check-in solution. From here you can monitor who is currently on your premises or retrospectively run a report for a selected time period - this has been hugely helpful where contact tracing is necessary.

Visitor and staff monitoring completes the stand-alone self check-in solution by providing administrative tools for keeping track of all your visitors.


Allowing better management of patient flow through the clinic

Our patient tracking system can capture and log a number of key appointment events as a patient progresses through their clinic journey. This enables staff to see clinic list's and wait times, identify and address bottlenecks, and make appropriate adjustments with real-time information. Aggregated and reported data provides administrators with accurate information to inform changes to maximise efficiencies.

Patient tracking can be used in isolation or in conjunction with our integrated self check-in kiosk to provide a full end-to-end patient clinic experience.

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